Tuesday, 2 August 2016

[Swatantrata Diwas] 15 August 2016 Anchoring Script, Drama Script Lines In Hindi For Students

70th Independence Day Drama Script for students and 15 August 2016 Anchoring Script Lines are available here. Use Swatantrata Diwas Script Lines and enjoy this day on your school. Also check 15 August 2016 Images In HD and 3D wallpaper for FB Friends.

15 August 2016 Anchoring Script For Students 

In this year on 15th august 2016 we will celebrate our 70th independence day. Every year we want to celebrate our country won victory with new style and new thinks. British East India company such a very rascal peoples. They want to occupy our country and want to do anything with our country peoples. But they were forgotten our country heroes was alive. Such a big salute to all our Indian fighters, Indian soldiers. Students celebrate this day with great passion. They do anything for our country which triggers them. So students you all are is ready for the new celebration of independence day. Are you ready for playing anchoring roll in your school. Look here we bring something new for you. anchoring script lines and drama script lines is already putted her. All students who are preparing a anchoring lines for their Independence Day program. Then you are in aright place. Here you will get 15 August Independence Day Anchoring Script for students and these lines are wonderful for host your 15 August program. So use these 15 August Anchoring Script Lines and make your program a memorable program. Check these important points for your function before anchoring.

  1. Use your voice and facial expression for good confidential anchoring. 
  2. Pre planned for your anchoring and Specify spots where you’ll stand on the stage.
  3. Before the function, Rehearse your speech in front of your close friends. 
  4. also search interesting facts about the India and include them in your speech lines. 
  5. Communication with your co-host is very imporatant.
  6.  Rehearse your script with your co-host.
  7. These all tips will help you for better anchoring.

Swatantrata Diwas Anchoring Script Lines In Hindi 

My greetings to all those who see the 15 aug 2016 site. Friends If you want to make your independence is the different by this 15th august 2016 new short and long drama script. When you play drama act and want to go on stage with great excitement. So prepare your drama by having easy and knowledgeable drama lines. Here the script lines are unique because they contain motivational word. The drama script has drawn with inspired lines about our country. Get here Swatantrata Diwas Anchoring Script Lines in Hindi and English and make your function a memorable function. Suggest your friends best Drama Script for the school program.

15 August 2016 Drama Script Lines For Function

This post only for independence day function anchors. Who want some unique line scripts in hindi For your school and college function. Here all history is mention in this few lines of 15th august script. We became independent in August, registering fifteen lovely our country today. 15th august is more fun and joy day. When we all Bhartiyan can celebrate and arrange function for the celebration of independence day. Don't miss to celebrate this day and share 15 August Drama Script Lines with your friends,who are preparing for the Independence Day program.

Swatantrata Diwas Drama Script Lines For 70th Independence Day

We want to share these 15th august independence day related stuff to all google users. India independence day celebration is licit. Come with me and say "Vande matram". Now guys don't miss their shows on this day a huge place can conduct their celebration and celebrate them with India public. Thanks to all of you for visiting and i hope you enjoy this Swatantrata Diwas Drama Script Lines For 70th Independence Day. Enjoy this day with your friends, classmates and teachers. Check this site for more stuff like as Images, Wallpaper, Photos, DP, Profile Pics, Poems and other all important stuff. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. 


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