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[Free] 70th Independence Day 2016 HD Photos, HD Wallpaper, 3D Images Free Download For PC Mobile FB Whatsapp

Download 70th Independence Day 2016 HD Wallpaper and 15 August HD Photos Free from our site. Hope you like Swatantrata Diwas HD Wallpaper and will share Independence Day 3D Images & Indian Flag Tiranga Images with your FB Whatsapp friends and also use for PC and Mobile Phone.

Free 70th Independence Day 2016 HD Photos

Welcome and i wish you all a very Happy 70th Independence Day. India is the seventh largest county in the world and there are many religions. But there are three national religions that Indians celebrate together. One of them is independence day which is celebrated in 15th august every year. After more than two hundred years of British rule India finally won back its freedom on 15th august 1947. All the patriotic heart rejoiced at seeing India becoming a sovereign nation and the triumph of hundred and thousand of martyr soul. 15 August 1947 was the birth of new nation and new beginning. The only fact that betrayed the happiness was that the country was divided into two nations as India and Pakistan. Download Free Indian Independence Day HD Photos from our site.

When british came to india 1600's, no one knew they would rule India for next two centuries. The only purpose of british coming to India was TRADE. With the growth and spread of the East India Company, the Britisher gained power and slowly started to excise control of larger areas with use of private armies and military power.It all started with battle of plassey. It resulted in the British finally taking control and ruling India for nest 200 years. If you like these all given 70th Independence Day HD Photos,then don't forget to share with your all buddies on FB and Whatsapp.
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Independence Day 2016 HD Wallpaper Free Download For PC

The revolt of 1857- India's first war of independence. India fought extensively but were defeated by East India Company and the British took more control over India. Partition of Bengal. Lord Curzon felt difficult to rule at the state of Bengal as it had larger areas.The British played a Divide and rule game as India was divided in two communities HINDU and MUSLIMS. Satyagrah movement and jallianwala bagh  tragedy also played an important role in India's independence. Now here we have 70th Indian Independence Day 2016 HD Wallpaper for free download. You can make them your desktop wallpaper and FB DP.

 All Indians were against Britishers violence. The quit India movement lead by Mahatma Gandhi. The formation of Azad Hind Fauj by Subhash Chandra Bose. The stage was set as Indian were protesting Britishers to leave India. Also get Tiranga and Indian Flag Pics for your Whatsapp Friends. 

15 August Independence Day 3D Images For Whatsapp

It was after world war II, British could see that it no longer hold power over India. It was becoming difficult for Britishers to keep on ruling India as Indians freedom fighters were in no mood to give up. India gained the independence by paying the heavy price. The partition of Hindu and Muslims; A separate nation were formed for Muslims with Mohammad ali jinnah being sworn as a Pakistans first governor general in karachi. India owes its freedom to many freedom fighters who fought their lives to gain independence. Now enjoy the latest collection of Independence Day 3D Images and 15 August Images For Whatsapp and wish your FB, google plus and twitter friends.

Free Download Independence Day 15 August HD Wallpaper For FB 

It is an occasion to rejoice the freedom and pay collective homage to all those people who sacrifices their lives to the cause. All pledge to sacrifice everything to protect the freedom and integrity and unity of the country. Celebrate the day with great joy and enthusiasm.Now in this site you cn easily Free Download 70th Independence Day HD wallpaper and make them your FB and Desktop wallpaper. You can do comment here for any problem so get 15 August Images and HD Wallpaper from our site.


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