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{70th Independence Day} 15 August 2016 WhatsApp & Facebook Status, Quotes For Boys Girls

15 August 2016 Whatsapp Status and 70th Independence Day Facebook Status are for you all Boys and girls. Share Swatantrata Diwas Whatsapp Status and 15 August Quotes with your FB friends. All Independence Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi & English and 15 Aug Images, Photos, Wallpaper In 3D Hd and animated format for you all buddies.

15 August 2016 WhatsApp Status For Boys 

India is also called "Bharat Ganaraya" in Sanskrit language. Independence day is a part of our India history. Annually we celebrate nation independent birthday party as a big function celebration.
India anthem song was written in 1911. This anthem song is sung out in every morning to all schools. The adoption of our nation anthem is done in 24 January 1950. The flag of India was compose horizontal strip of three colors that is green white and saffron in 1922. saffron color has mentioned at top of flag strip, White color was take place in middle of flag strip with 24 spleen of wheel and last is green that was painted in down side of horizontally. Enjoy here 15 August Whatsapp Status and Boys can wish their buddies.
This was design only with khadi materiel. If the manufacturer use any other materiel for India flag making so its punishable movement for that man who was creating the flag. After the independence gandi ji wants to eliminate the congress.Share this 15 Aug New Whatsapp Status and celebrate this occasion.
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70th Independence Day 2016 Facebook Status

These are the very interesting lines about our country India. Make your 70th Independence Day Facebook Status with given quotes. On this day all India have fun and joy. The journey of life is so easy with this independence. Before the independence its got more hard. The legacy given to us by our great warriors. So by remembering these great warriors. Make your status in their memories and wish to all a happy freedom day. Know some points about Indian history.

  • India's younger boys what you think about our country. Make your country as a world top country like as North Korea South Korea and many other countries.
  • The official and national anthem song of Our country is Jan Gan Man. Our national song was written in 1911 and this lyrics takes from Bengali language. 
  • When India become a freedom country and that time Gadhi Ji was at Kolkata. He was praying for the Indian Independence day. 
  • Our country India get their name India from the River Indus. 
  • Javahar Lal Nehru was selected first prime minister of our country. 

15 August 2016 Motivational Quotes For FB Friends

Now wish your all buddies using latest collection of 15 August Motivational Quotes and share these quotes on FB, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Plus and other social sites. If you have any query related to the 15 August,means if you want more stuff for your 15 August Independence Day. Then visit this site, here you will get all wonderful stuff. Like as Images, Wallpaper, Photos, DP, Profile Pics, Songs, Speech, Anchoring Script and many other unique stuff. 

  1. Independence Day is a g00d time t0 examine wh0 we R ND h0w we g0t here. 15 August Facebook Status .
  2. If 0ur c0untry is w0rth dying f0r in time 0f war let us res0lve that it is truly w0rth living f0r in time 0f peace. 
  3. Freed0m is a Preci0us gift 0f G0d. May We Always Remain Independent.70th Independence Day Whatsapp Status.
  4. Life is full 0f vibrati0ns, n0t 0f b0mbs But 0f harm0ny & happiness Enj0y it with full masti, spirituality & Rhythm.
  5. The Free Man Is He Wh0 D0es N0t Fear T0 G0 The End 0f His Th0ught. 
  6. T0day we R miles apart, but I wanna reach acr0ss the miles ND say I'm thinking 0f y0u in a very special way Happy 70th Independence Day Status For Whatsapp. 

70th Independence Day 2016 Quotes For Boys Girls

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