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15 August 2016 Slogans, Nare In Hindi - 70th Independence Day Saying Slogans

15 August Slogans for school function and "15 August Nare In Hindi" are available here. Use these 7oth Independence day Saying Slogans and enjoy Swatantrata Diwas Nare and celebrate this day.

15 August Slogans List

In this year India is celebrating 70th anniversary Independence. 70 Years ago our country was in the control of British. British Shashan rules and regulation was follow by Indian continue in 200 years. After this on 15th August 1947 India got freedom from British rules. Millions of freedom fighters sacrifice their life to free India from the British clutch. After a long time we achieve this day,so this is a important day for we all Indian. We all Indian celebrate this day now with our friends,classmates,teachers and school classmates. 15 August and two other national holidays are very important for all Indians. All Indian celebrate Swatantrata Diwas together with their friends,sister and brothers. Now check here 15 August Slogans List and celebrate this day. 
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15 August Nare In Hindi

After Independence Indian Film Industry make too much movies on India Independence Day and release Desh Bhakti Songs and Patriotic Songs. This is the love of Indian Film Industry for our country. In Many Desh Bhakti Movies Indian Film Industry shows how we got freedom from the British Clutch. Our Bollywood Actor and actress play our freedom fighters role in those movies. Songs and Poems are the best way to show our love for our country. On this day we use saying slogans for celebrate this day. We use 15 August Nare and miss our freedom fighters and give them a big salute. Now all students are want Independence Day Nare In Hindi for their school function. Then here you can check the Slogan List. 

70th Independence Day Saying Slogans

Hey guys now Indian Independence Day is just few day away and we all are preparing Independence Day Saying Slogans and lines for our school function. You all are want Best collection of 15 August Slogans Lines and Quotes. Then use these given collection and celebrate this day with your school friends and teachers. 
  1. Freed0m in the Mind,Faith in the words.Pride in 0ur $ouls..Let’s $alute D Nation.Our Independence Day! Vande Mataram. 
  2.  May The $un In Hi$ C0urse Vi$it N0 Land M0re Free,M0re Happy, M0re LOVELY, than thi$ 0ur 0wn c0untry! Happy 70th Independence Day.
  3. J0in Hands In the Hands, Brave Indians!!! By un!t!ng v stand by dividing v fall. Happy 70th Independence Day
  4. Freed0m was taken by the bl00d that was given. Happy 15 August 2016
  5. Gaandi Ji....... Amar Rahe.
  6. Nehru Ji .................Amar Rahe.
  7. Shubhas Chandra Bhos...... Amar Rahe.
  8. Bhagat Singh.......Amar Rahe.
  9. Laxami Bai................Amar Rahe.
  10. Bharat Mata Ki ..........Jai.

Swatantrata Diwas Nare In Hindi

School days are very cute days of life and we want to enjoy every day of our school life. Now this is the time India's Independence Day. So how we miss this day. This special day we do something new special and enjoy the day. After national Anthem songs all students do participates on the 15 August Rally and sing Swatantrata Diwas Nare and celebrate this day and miss our freedom fighters. Don't miss to use these all 15 August Images and Photos from our site. Check this site for more stuff related to the 15 August 2016. You can do comment in our site for any problem so get 15 August Images, 3D Photos and HD Wallpaper from our site. Jai Jawan,Jai Kisan.


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